These sites are all behind a single Application Load Balancer using SNI. It has 9 SSL certificates

(ACM literally gives them away, it's hard to not use a lot).

There are 3 domains, and each has:

  • an apex domain certificate - exampleloadbalancer.[com|info|net]
  • a 'www.' prefix certificate - www.exampleloadbalancer.[com|info|net]
  • a wildcard certificate - *.exampleloadbalancer.[com|info|net]

When you connect to the load balancer, it automatically selects the best cert to match your request. Of course there's a default, which clients not supporting SNI will use. You can see the default certificate if you connect to it directly.

Here's a screen shot of the AWS console showing the certificates for this load balancer ALB Config

You can use these links to visit each site. They all serve only 1 certificate, and are all on the same Application Load Balancer.

Or connect direct to the ALB and see the default cert (Your browser should warn you about or prevent you from connecting)